Hi, my name is Wojtek.

/Entrepreneur, globe trekker, smiling warrior/

Professionally, I'm a

/entrepreneur/ founded an innovative digital content start-up operating globally
/leader/ led cross-cultural teams on a wide variety of projects around the world
/communicator/ a published author and client-facing negotiator, analyst, producer, and coach

I'm interested in

/big picture/ the intersection of business and government, innovation, start-ups, and doing things better
/fields & functions/ strategy & operations, trade, economic development, customer experience design, and geopolitics
/sectors & industries/ tech, media, telecoms, infrastructure, finance, transportation, and hospitality



Sometimes I write commentary about these and other topics.

Did Facebook just declare war on the nation state?

A look at Zuckerberg’s political manifesto, how Facebook compares to countries around the world, and the reactions governments may have to Facebook’s encroachment of their turf.

When Will the New York Times Hire Their First Customer Experience Designer?

Media organizations that hope to survive need to understand that Customer Experience Design trumps editorial excellence, perceived heritage, and a high-brow mentality in the new media landscape.

Is The Future Programmatic?

A look at Programmatic TV and its strategic implications.

Cutting Through the Myth of Cord-Cutting

A look at the challenges facing Canadian BDUs and how they can protect their market positions

I like

maps, photography, spicy food, road trips, and all things digital. I think the Internet is the best thing that ever happened to humanity. A long time ago, my dad joked that if I could, I would do my laundry on the Internet. It puts a smile on my face to know that is now possible (just Google it).